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2005 News

2005 News



Here is a photo of Midshipman 4/C Drew Sprague taken on October 1,2005,upon having received his Commission as a Midshipman in the Merchant Marines as a member of the Class of 2009 during Ceremonies held on the Drill Field of the Maine Maritime Academy in Castine,Maine.photoofmidshipmen4

In the photo is Midshipman 4/C Dylan Wentworth who graduated with Drew from Skowhegan Area High School,Class of 2005,and is Drew’s roommate at MMA.

If Drew could be in a race seat every day of his life he would be pretty happy…who wouldn’t? In 2005 Drew took on a personal commitment that will not allow for him to be at the wheelevery day in the short term but in the long term it may well provide that opportunity.

As a student in the Maine Maritime Academy College of Marine Engineering Technology Drew is developing some serious study habits in the subjects of technical math and science and many other curriculum offerings. As a member of The Regiment Drew is personally dedicated to the leadership and time management discipline that The Regiment provides to him in personal development.

Add it all together…the studies,the personal development and the experience and it will all be worth the wait.Drew will be in a race seat soon enough…in the interim he has a mission to accomplish.



Time was of the essence this Labor Day weekend as Drew traveled over 1400 miles from Friday night to Monday morning…from Maine Maritime Academy to Skowhegan on Friday evening…from Skowhegan to Oswego,New York on Saturday…from Oswego to Verona(Hotel)on Saturday evening…from Verona to Oswego on Sunday to race…from Oswego to Skowhegan on Sunday evening…from Skowhegan back to Maine Maritime Academy on Monday morning. Believe it or not Drew was back in time for class on Monday morning.

The race at hand was the USAC Northeast Ford Focus Classic held during the heralded Oswego Classic Super-Modified Annual event at Oswego Speedway,Oswego,New York.Drew started race day with a bit of a stumble as the #29 would not come up to speed in the morning warmup.Back to the pits and the culprit was a nasty case of clogged fuel injectors.Upon cleaning the car ran well in the pit and it ran well in the next practice session.

Drew found the condensed track at Oswego to be just a bit tricky.The Focus cars cannot run on a track longer than one-half mile. Oswego is a five-eights mile track.The track for the Focus cars became the regular Turn 1 and Turn 2 but Turn 3 and Turn 4 were created by utilizing a pit access road in the upper infield. Hence,a three-eights mile facility became very challenging to maneuver.

Turn 3 was a very tight entry and truly limited passing although many tried.The cool part was that the Focus midget racers either carried the left front in midair through Turn 3/Turn 4 or they slid sideways through this section.It made for some exciting car control.

Drew was not able to race the earlier season event at Oswego so he had to face those competitors who had the track experience.All in all Drew gave a good performance.In the pill draw for the heat qualifiers Drew pulled the #26 pill which set him in the 5th position in that heat.Drew ran the heat and finished right where
he started in the 5th position.

In the Oswego Classic Focus Midget Feature Drew was placed in the 10th position in the field of 13 competitors.When the green flag flew it was a freight train to Turn 1.During the 25 lap event Drew ran in the 9th position for most of the race yet he slipped back to 11th in one entry of Turn 1.Drew settled back in and reclaimed the 9th slot and when the checkers flew Drew was in the eighth position.

The Oswego Classic was a neat event as the Focus Midget racers lined up on the front straight for a presentation of the drivers before the Feature event.With their cars parked at angle and as each driver stood by their mount the track announcer introduced each and every driver by name and home town.The fans got a chance to see these young guys and gals up close and it was enjoyable for all.

For Drew the Oswego experience was just that…another track to learn from and some more seat time .Precious seat time.

Drew was running within .2 seconds per lap of the leaders most of the day.Not quite quick enough to win but on a track where passing was almost impossible he held up his end admirably.

Now, back to the books and the next five weeks of Regiment Preparatory Training to add to his busy day. On October 2,2005 Drew will become a Midshipman of The Regiment and he will march on to the parade grounds to signal that bridge of accomplishment. There will be no more racing until that task is completed.

Bon Voyage Drew!



Today is Sunday,August 28th, and Drew is pleased to have completed the Regiment Preparatory Training program at Maine Maritime Academy in these past five days. These five days are the ones that make you appreciate a day at the track…in a race car…doing laps.

Drew has accepted many challenges in his eighteen years and this past week brought one more marker on the road to life for Drew. Now,for the next four years,if all goes well,Drew will continue to display his determination to his Commanding Officers and fellow Midshipmen.

Drew truly did “jump ship” on Saturday,August 27th as part of the RPT program at MMA. Every Midshipman Under Guidance(MUG) is required to jump from the Training Vessel “State of Maine” as it is docked in the harbor of Castine,Maine. Drew did his jump in the standard feet -first formation and fully-clothed to simulate a potential loss of ship at sea. Courtesy of The Commanding Officers at Maine Maritime Academy and with planning since March to accommodate the moment Drew will be allowed to leave the Regiment for three days to be able to race in Oswego,New York during Labor Day Weekend.

The Oswego Classic is a premier open-wheel event each year and in 2005 the Northeast Ford Focus Midget Series will be on the race card on Sunday,September 4th. Drew will be there at the wheel of the Seymour-prepared #29 Hawk midget to bring out the best in those Hoosier slicks on the racing surface at Oswego Speedway. Do you think Drew is anxious to race? Would Drew like to pull off a podium finish? Yes and Yes would be the correct answer!

Drew wishes to thank his great supporters and sponsors which includes Briggs and Stratton, Stanley Vidmar,Casella Waste Systems,Wirtgen Group,Oakley and Mobil 1.There is no way that Drew would have the #29 ready to race if not for the talents of Bobby and Mike Seymour and the gang at Seymour Enterprises and The Race Depot.com….THANKS for everything Lady and gentlemen!



The USAC Northeast Ford Focus Midget Series made history on Saturday,August 13,as the field of thirteen racers competed in the first United States Auto Club/USAC event ever to be held in the State of Maine.

As USAC is celebrating its Golden Anniversary of 50 years in the sanctioning of races across the United States this event was special in many ways. Drew pulled the 13th slot on the pill draw for positions which were based solely on racer points and not on any qualifying heats.

Needless to say, Drew started at the back of the group of 13. In the 25 Lap feature Drew moved up in to the eighth position and was reeling in the next group when he made wheel contact with another racer.This touch put Drew into a lazy spin and the #29 stalled in the turn.

The race then went under caution as a push vehicle had to enter the track to push Drew to restart.With that accomplished the race went green again. Drew spent the rest of the race having a good battle with Randy Cabral as the two racers chased the eighth position back and forth.

In the final turn Drew went to the high side and Cabral pulled under the #29 to claim the eighth slot…Drew finished in the ninth position. Drew was pleased to have a host of his friends and their families be able to see him race at the Oxford Plains event…he has not competed in a racing event in his home state since 2000 so this race was a place for them to catch a glimpse of what Drew does at the wheel.

Drew and Jeff would like to personally thank Dan Pulkinnen of Rowe Auburn Ford for his generosity in posting the purse for this first-ever USAC competition in Maine…thanks to everyone at Rowe Auburn!

Drew and Jeff would also like to personally thank Bill Ryan,Jr.,owner of Oxford Plains Speedway,for all of his support in the success of this USAC event.The Focus program needs the support of racetrack owners and Bill surely did his part to make the event a success.

THANK YOU! As always Bobby and Mike Seymour put Drew in the best of equipment as the #29 was well-prepared to go to the front…thanks to the Seymour Brothers and to Steve back at the shop in Marlborough,Massachusetts for all that you do.

The greatest of thanks to the great sponsors that keep Drew competitive and they are the fine people of Briggs and Stratton,StanleyVidmar,Casella Waste Systems,Wirtgen Group,Oakley and WildChild Designs…much appreciated.

Drew will miss the next Focus race at Seekonk,Massachusetts on August 27th as he enters the Maine Maritime Academy on August 21st.Drew will be allowed to race on September 4th when the next race event takes place at Oswego Speedway in Oswego,New York.

Until then Drew will be thinking of racing but concentrating more on his academic pursuits in the Marine Engineering Technology Degree program at MMA…someday these two thoughts will complete a journey that Drew has been on since age eight.

Success will continue…



Drew and the Seymour Brothers debuted the new 2005 HAWK midget on Friday,July 29, at Adirondack International Speedway in Lowville,New York for the USAC Northeast Ford Focus Midget Series scheduled event.

The Seymour Enterprises #29 Briggs and Stratton/StanleyVidmar/Casella Waste Services Hawk was finalized in preparation for this event into the late hours of the night before the long trek across New York in the day on Friday. In practice for the event Drew was working on getting comfortable behind the wheel of a new car on a new track.

Admittedly,in Drew’s words,he was a “little rusty” as he actually last competed in a race car in September,2004. A 17-car field assembled for the qualifying heats and Drew was in a sixth-place grid in a 6-car qualifier.

When the green flew the new car decidedly stumbled on acceleration and never really came up to full speed during the qualifying session. Drew placed in sixth position in the group of six.

Upon inspection nothing seemed out of order and the car was deemed ready to race. In the 25 lap feature Drew started in the fourteenth position and during the race moved up to as high as the eighth position.Then,as he was looking to further his progression, the #29 fell off the pace and Drew exited the track as he could not maintain the race pace. End of race for Drew.

Upon inspection the fuel injectors were absolutely glazed with the chemical that is sprayed in the fuel bladder during manufacturing. Therein,no fuel was transferring to the engine and the performance was equal.

On to better days…

The team headed on to the second event of the weekend on Saturday,July 30,and that path led eastward to Chemung,New York and the next scheduled event of the USAC Northeast Ford Focus Midget Series at the Chemung Speedrome.

Upon arrival the Seymours pulled the fuel tank and found everything from a rubber band to a rock inside the tank.And,a fair amount of contaminate chemicals.They then cleaned and flushed the entire fuel system.In fairness,these are things that are always done before competition but,due to the last minute effort to get Drew to the track and complete the car for competiton,somethings had to wait.It would be the one thing that disrupted an otherwise successful launch.



It is a new day and the new Hawk midget is as ready to race as is Drew.The track at Chemung is a paper-clip 3/8-mile paved oval…long straights and very tight but banked turns…Drew likes this a bunch.

Drew rolled out for practice and ran quick times in the 15.8’s…much more like what Drew is capable of.The new car felt good and it ran well.  In qualifying Drew was in the sixth position in a six-car session.The car ran well and Drew slotted into a fourth-place finish in the qualifying.This eventually placed Drew in the #10 slot in the field of 18 for the 25 lap feature.

It’s the feature event and Drew moved from the 10th position to the 3rd position in several laps.Drew carried the 3rd slot for the better part of the race until the #29 started to get real loose going in to the turns.Friday night’s feature winner Michael Sboro swapped positions with Drew in the closing laps and in the final analysis Drew could not hold Sboro off and Drew proudly finished in the 4th position.



Although the late nights and all of the hard work leading up to the weekend were an effort the joy of running on the front end of the field was a pleasure for all concerned with a new program.

Drew wishes to thank many people for this outstanding opportunity that he has been provided in this segment of his racing career… Bobby and Mike Seymour…better people to work for and to race for I have never known..I will continue to make you proud.

Steve…working with you on the construction of my new car has been a learning experience that I would never have known were it not for your tremendous patience and ability.

You have taught me well and I will continue to learn from your experienced teachings. To my great sponsors…It takes people with vision to believe in a kid that has so far to go before the rewards ever really show in the marketplace but I am so privileged to have people in the Corporate world that do believe in me…

  • MOBIL 1

DREW #29 Seymour Enterprises/www.theracedepot.com USAC midget


Friday,June 17,2005 – Stafford Motor Speedway; Stafford Springs,Connecticut

small-newsDrew stepped up the pace on Friday when he sat behind the wheel of Bobby and Mike Seymour’s #29 Wirtgen America Hawk midget.With 900 pounds of car weight and over 300 injected-methanol horsepower; Drew’s 155 pound frame fairly flew around the half-mile paved oval at Stafford Motor Speedway.

The #29 has just been freshened for a new season of Northeastern Midget Association/NEMA racing so it was a perfect time for Drew to get indoctrinated in a full midget racer. Randy Cabral will take the #29 to the track at Seekonk Speedway,Seekonk,Massachusetts on Saturday,June 18 for the next NEMA competition.On this day Drew was on board to run-in the new engine for the purpose of leaks and pressure testing.

So how big was the smile on Drew’s face? HUGE!

Drew ran the #29 in two sessions…one slow and one decidedly faster.The faster session was the real kick! In Drew’s words,”This car is so settled.When you full-throttle it out of the turns it just drives…it sticks sooo well.”

Drew added,”I have never driven a race car that I am any more comfortable in.It feels like home to me.” Bobby Seymour declared the test a success…no leaks,etc. Drew will be back in the #29 when the call comes,for sure.



June 4,2005: Skowhegan,Maine/Marlborough,Massachusetts:

USAC competitor Drew Sprague is proud to announce his  2005 USAC Ford Focus Midget Series racing program will be in association with legendary USAC team owners Bobby and Mike Seymour of Seymour Enterprises, Marlborough, Massachusetts.

The partnership of Drew and the Seymours has been in play for over a year and included an inaugural outing in USAC Ford Focus Midget competition in the Fall of 2004 in Anderson,South Carolina. After qualifying in the 2nd position in a field of 12 racers a Lap 5 incident sidelined the race prematurely. However, the chemistry was formed between the driver and the team owners.

Drew will be at the wheel of a 2005 Hawk midget featuring state-of-the-art components. Seymour Enterprises is the distributor of the Hawk midget chassis and Drew will be privileged to showcase the quality construction and handling characteristics that Hawk chassis are famous for.

Drew had this to say about the outstanding opportunity that he has been presented,”I have hoped to be able to join up with a team as high profile as the Seymour Brothers. Bobby and Mike have so much background in USAC midget competitions all starting with their years of involvement with their Dad, “Boston Louie” Seymour. That my newest racing assignment is with them is unbelievable; a dream come true.I have a big job ahead of me to live up to their standards but I have never been more prepared to race in my life.”

Drew continued by saying,”I am honored to be in their seat. I will learn so much in this season as we work together. I do hope to make Bobby and Mike proud. ” Bobby Seymour had these comments, “Drew is a great kid. Drew and I traveled to Anderson,South Carolina in the fall of 2004 where he competed in his first USAC midget competition with us.He showed to us what he had in that outing and we were impressed. Not only in his talent but as a person. Drew is the whole package and we are very pleased to be associated with Drew in his racing career.”

Fast Forward Racing team owner and Drew’s father, Jeff Sprague,offered these remarks, “We have been so fortunate since 1995 to have the finest people on earth assist us with Drew’s racing activities. Since Drew took his first seat at age eight we have progressed from NHRA/IHRA Junior Drag Racing League,ASN Canada FIA karting, Skip Barber Formula Dodge to the current USAC midget effort. There were numerous other racing involvements to add to all of that. Through these eleven years we have had the benefit of so many talented people; race car fabricators, driver coaches, engineers and phenomenal sponsors.That Drew has the privilege of the Seymours in his latest career effort is actually not a surprise.It is the same…the best people continue to support Drew.We could not do it without them.”

Jeff continued,”Briggs and Stratton is the sponsor of this USAC program. When I mentioned phenomenal sponsors without a doubt Briggs and Stratton, “The World’s Largest Manufacturer of Small Engines”is the epitome of that statement. Since 1995 the people and the products of Briggs and Stratton have powered Drew in every level of competition with sponsorship.In 2005 and for eleven years Briggs and Stratton have been there to support Drew’s career in motorsports.We are forever grateful for their belief in Drew as a person and as a competitor.”



June 4,2005: Skowhegan,Maine/Milwaukee,Wisconsin:

FAST FORWARD RACING Team Owner Jeff Sprague and our driver,USAC Ford Focus Midget Series competitor Drew Sprague, are pleased to announce that Briggs and Stratton,”The World’s Largest Manufacturer of Small Engines”,will continue to support Drew in his 2005 racing season.

Since 1995 and from the age of eight Drew Sprague has been privileged to represent the World-Class products of Briggs and Stratton.In these eleven years of competitions Drew and Briggs and Stratton have grown their marketing relationships from NHRA/IHRA Junior Drag Racing League competitions to the newest levels of involvements in USAC midgets.It has been a rewarding partnership in many ways.

In 2005 Briggs and Stratton will be a primary sponsor of Drew’s competitions in the USAC Ford Focus Midget Series.Drew will be behind the wheel of a 2005 Hawk midget prepared by legendary USAC midget and Silver Crown team owners and competitors Bobby and Mike Seymour of Seymour Enterprises, Marlborough, Massachusetts.Seymour Enterprises and their online store,The Race Depot.com,are the distributors of the Hawk midget chassis and many other quality product lines of racing hardware and safety equipment.

Briggs and Stratton will also serve as an associate sponsor when Drew competes in 2005 in the Pro All Stars Series/PASS Tour Pro-stock program. Drew will be behind the wheel of the #45 D.N.K. Select Used Cars and Trucks 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Super Late Model/Pro-stock for selected events. Doug White,co-owner of D.N.K. Select,is a former driver in the PASS Tour and Drew is the benefactor of Doug’s wish to give up his seat to a young driver.

Drew’s first event in the Pro-stock effort will be the July 31 TD Banknorth Oxford 250. The race will take place on the 3/8 mile paved oval at Oxford Plains Speedway, Oxford,Maine.

This 2005 race will feature the likes of NEXTEL CUP stars Matt Kenseth and Kyle Busch.With as many as 90 cars entered and 40 slots to fill the starting grid Drew will have his work cut out for him to say the least.

In Drew’s words,”Everyone at Briggs and Stratton have been the best and forever to me.From my first pass down the eighth-mile in a Junior dragster powered a 5-horse Briggs and Stratton they have truly been behind me all of these eleven years.The fact that our relationship has now entered its second decade is a true testament to the belief that Briggs and Stratton has placed in me and in my career in motorsports.I cannot thank them enough.”


May 20,2005

FAST FORWARD RACING in association with our driver,Drew Sprague,is proud to announce our newest association in marketing.FAST FORWARD RACING has joined the fine people and products of The Bass Pro Shops in an internet affiliate sales role.What does that mean?

Every dollar that you spend on quality Bass Pro Shops goods generates an income to assist Drew in his racing activities.You will not spend more nor will you be assessed any surcharge…the price quoted will stand. You get a good deal and Drew gets a little bit closer to the finish line with every purchase that you make.

The Bass Pro Shops offers so much more than just fishing items…take a look today and enjoy the experience of shopping online and doing your kind part in assisting Drew.



Casella Waste Systems,Inc.(Nasdaq:CWST)and their Pine Tree Waste Division have joined Drew and Fast Forward Racing in his 2005 season of racing activities.

Drew will carry the www.casella.com logo in each of his motorsport programs. Drew stated,”I am pleased to have the opportunity to represent the people of Casella in everything that I am involved with in my racing,on and off the track.Casella is a very successful company and I intend to bring to them even more success in my every effort.”

To learn more about the extensive array of services offered by Casella Waste Systems,Inc. please log on to www.casella.com and see why you should be utilizing their courteous and professional services today!   Welcome aboard everyone at Casella!



Drew has been accepted into the Class of 2009 of The Maine Maritime Academy in the Marine Engineering Technology program.Drew has chosen to become a member of the regiment and thereby accepting another level of personal commitment to add to his busy schedule.

Drew will continue to race and to become educated in a field of engineering that will serve him in both of his pursuits in life. Drew will graduate from Skowhegan Area High School in June.

Here is a link to the Maine Maritime Academy


Drew will be meeting and greeting the fans of motorsport January 7-9,2005 at the 17th Annual Northeast Motorsports Expo at the Augusta Civic Center in Augusta,Maine. 2005 will mark the eighth year that Drew has represented his many sponsors at the first motorsports activity to take place in Maine each year.

This year Drew will have a booth on the main floor wherein a USAC Ford Focus midget race car will accompany him.The 2005 Seymour Hawk midget racer is a representation of what Drew will be behind the wheel of in the inaugural season of the USAC Northeast Ford Focus Midget Series.

Drew will be signing autographs for the fans during the three-day event during the following times:

Friday January 7 from 7 to 9 P.M.

Saturday January 8 from 2 to 4 P.M.

Sunday January 9 from 11 to 1 P.M.

Drew will be on hand during the entire event so please stop in and say hello and catch up with the world of USAC racing.The United States Auto Club/USAC will be sanctioning events in Maine in 2005 for the first time ever.In 2005 USAC celebrates its Golden Anniversary having held racing competitions in the USA for 50 years.

Please pick up a copy of the 2004 USAC Annual to enjoy the thrill of USAC Silver Crown,Sprint and Midget car racing across the United States.

See you at the show!